Your added value

  • "uniqmat - unique materials" are our passion. In the field of interiors we support companies in their projectmanagement and with their product developments. We translate product and design ideas into feasible solutions within given budgets
  • Through more efficent work at interfaces we shorten time to market and inspire to innovative ideas and solutions
  • Automotive, health and lifestyle are the fields in which we are active. Our diversified experiences help create synergies and find new ideas

We make the difference

We love materials like textile, leather, wood, plastics and foam. Our projects always take place in the field of materials, because that is where we are at our best.
Working with people and finding constructive approaches to solve challenging situations or product-related issues is our passion.

We work together with you on attractive interior solutions and their production. We support through skillful projectmanagement and professionalism. We provide assistance starting from predevelopment through development until the product is passed to industrialization - this is our strength.